So, you’ve just moved in to your incredible apartment here with us at Frederick House, and you might be wondering about the local area. Let us tell you about Bath, this wonderful city and all you can do there.

The largest city in Somerset, Bath is known historically for its Roman-era baths, elegant Abbey and the impressive Royal Crescent. All of these unique displays of history through Britain helped beautiful Bath become a World Heritage site in 1987.

So when making this city your home, what should you see first? Take this as our big guide to Bath’s big attractions!

1. The Roman Baths

One of the “greatest religious spas of the ancient world”, the Roman Baths have become an iconic part of Bath. Visitors can wander around the ancient baths, walking on original Roman pavements and see the ruins of the Roman temple. A part of history you just can’t miss.

2. SouthGate Bath

SouthGate Bath is the ultimate place to come for some retail therapy. Right in the heart of the city, this bustling shopping centre is home to everyones favourite high street brands, some great eateries and chic bars. It’s the one-stop-spot for a successful day out!

3. Bath Abbey

Whether you’re religious or not, Bath Abbey is a spectacle for everyone to visit. The Abbey boasts a special atmosphere and a rich history, as well as entry to the towers that loom above the building. Visitors can see the Abbey from a new perspective and can even sit behind the clock face, all while enjoying stunning views across Bath and the surrounding countryside.

4. No. 1 Royal Crescent

Jump back 250 years ago for the afternoon with a visit to this fascinating Georgian house. Discover what life was like for the wealthy and their servants living in this impressive building when they lived in Bath to enjoy the nearby river.

5. Thermae Bath Spa

Once you’ve seen the historical Roman baths, it’s only fair you get to try a spa out for yourself. The Thermae Bath Spa uses natural hot spring water to soothe you into the deepest relaxation. You can take a dip, enjoy a treatment and soak up the views of the city on their rooftop bar.

6.  Bath Skyline Walk

If you fancy getting out of the city, the Skyline walk is a six-mile route through meadows, secluded valleys and historical woodlands. Perfect for a day trip, when you want to stretch your legs or for a picnic with pals, you’ll also get to see some incredible views across the city.

7. Jane Austen Centre

Whether you’re a book worm or just reminiscent of school English lessons, everyone has heard of Jane Austen. The famous author has become one of Britain’s favourites, and the centre gives you a look into her life in Bath from 1801-1806, and the stories it influenced.

8. Pulteney Bridge

Pulteney Bridge is a little bit of Florence, Italy, right here in Bath. This quaint bridge is lined with shops and spans the River Avon. Designed purposely to be impressive, this bridge sure does the trick, and is only one of 4 bridges in the world to have shops line both sides. Definitely worth a visit not just for shops, but to take in the architecture.

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